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Thursday, 19-Jul-2007 14:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cottage Life

End of a nice week
I am always sad when I am waiting for the taxi to take us away from the cottage. We had such a great time and it was nice sharing it with friends. The kids just had a ball.....

This will probably be my last entry for a while on fotopages. I have created a new page on blogspot. I am gonna test this one out for a while, as I have just not been feeling the love with fotopages lately. I like the look on blogspot, but I am still experimenting with it and have not quite figured it all out. I am gonna keep my fotopages account, just in case. Apparently I can link to some of my videos on youtube, and I thought these may be fun to add.

So for the next little while, my new home is Hope you come and visit.


Wednesday, 18-Jul-2007 17:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Summer Fun

Bobo on the water
I love this picture of Bobo. I got some great shots of Princess as well, but now that she has super-model status, it just feels creepy posting them. Oh, that and the fact that she never took her bikini off while we were at the cottage. I am so glad I took the summer off. If feels good to be laid back with no real purpose. The past few days has been spent helping out some folks in the hood and just putzing around the workshop. Who knows, I may even decide to make Doug supper.

I get to spend this coming weekend up at a fantastic cabin on a very private, beautiful lake. I took one of my favourite photos of all time there last year, so i'm hoping for a repeat.

Thursday, 12-Apr-2007 17:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Prison Food

Oh, I just can't help posting this picture.... I know it is wrong, but what the heck.

I love my husband. He is great in so many ways and we have a nice little life going on. Of course, nothing is perfect, and last night's supper was just a good example of this. Wednesdays is just the craziest day in our life. We generally just pass each other at the door, me as I'm returning from class and training, and him, as he is departing for his night of soccer and fun with the boys. He was thoughtful enough to have prepared some food for me. I was ravenous.

I think he intended to make some sort of tortellini soup, but discovered all we had was gnochi. I just could not stop laughing when I saw this in the pot. He was already out the door, so there were no hurt feelings. Even the kids have started referring to his meals as prison food.... but he makes me a mean latte in the mornings, so I think I'll keep him around.

One of my favourite authors passed away yesterday. His name was Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and he was 84. Do yourself a favour and read some of his books.

Monday, 2-Apr-2007 15:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I love this little train. I have a set of them I got last year when a production ended and they were selling off all their stuff. Probably only paid a buck or two for it. I have big plans to do something neat with it in Mr. Bobo's room.

I discovered I have been living with shingles for the past week. Boy, has it sucked. Don't ask me what I thought it was, but part of me just thought it was from all my training, as it was right around the waistband of my gear. The doc said it can be brought on by stress, and did I have any in my life. I am busy. Always. I take on too much and spread myself thin, but I always have and have dealt with it just fine. Yes, we have been renovating, but it has actually been pretty okay. I came home and tried to pinpoint the cause, and then it hit me. It probably came on the same day our vacation plans for May fell through. I could deal with it okay, but the thought of disappointing my kids is always upsetting, that coupled with the fact that their dad has been sick going on two months probably just sent my tired old body over the edge.

This is surely the gods telling me that I need to get on-line immediately and book a little weekend away. Nice to have a reminder, but Christ, did it have to bee such a painful one!

Thursday, 22-Mar-2007 20:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
No Throwing Pins

I have been away for a while, just busy with life and work. Today I almost lost my head in an altercation with my table saw so I decided to just walk away from the workshop for a day. So now I find a small opportunity of time to update my blog. This is not a great photo, but I love it. I was doing some work at a shelter recently and this is what was posted in the playroom. Obviously someone threw a couple of pins and got in trouble. I hope nobody lost an eye. "Biteing" and "smashing through doors" is also forbidden. These are just plain good rules to live by.

I think I need to post a few rules in my workshop. Stuff like - "clean up after yourself, the floor does not sweep itself", and "don't throw chisels". For sure I have to add "don't run tools when you are in a pissy mood". Tomorrow I shall wear my bike helmet in there.

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